David Dyment

of Dymentholm Holsteins (Ontario).

David says "For me, number one [is] always remember you are not 'showing' the animal you are 'presenting' her. It is always about the animal - not you. I try to enable the animal to show herself as much as possible. Be confident and have fun out there. This attitude keeps you and the animal relaxed and smooth and at your best. Remember to always be gracious in winning and losing".He is no stranger to the North American show ring having led Harvue Roy Frosty to Supreme Champion at the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin, USA in 2009. Many breeders trust him on the other end of their animals halter.

Daryl Brown

Daryl has more than 40 years of experience in the dairy industry, retiring last year. Daryl spent many years as auctioneer with Brown and Leslie. He was a joint owner with Brian Leslie in 21st Century Genetics which was sold to Alta Genetics last year. He was also a co-founder of International Dairy Week.

On how to present yourself in a professional manner. Daryl says “When meeting a prospective employer, client or whoever, there are several points which are important. Your personal presentation is a priority. Be well groomed, and well dressed. Be known in life, for your punctuality, personality, and personal presentation. A firm handshake, irrespective of your gender, is a priority. Maintain eye contact, and a smile will often help. Try to be polite at all times. First impression is generally a lasting impression – always remember this fact. Speak with confidence and enthusiasm, and you must know your product … often you have to sell yourself before you get a chance to sell your product/service. Always try to remember names, and be polite. In life, a person who acts in a professional manner is generally successful, in whatever career path they choose.”