Brian Carscadden

works for the Semex Alliance in Canada

He was 2010's judge of the red and whites at the World Dairy Expo and has also judged red and whites at the Royal Winter Fair. He has judged Holsteins at the World Dairy Expo and International Dairy Week.

Brian says "I consider myself to be very lucky as I have had the opportunity to judge shows all around the world, and judging dairy cows happens to be one of my favourite things to do!

I have always said that it is an honour to judge any show, regardless of size. To be a respected judge comes down to three things: intense knowledge of the true-type dairy cow, an ability to justify your placings on a microphone and having the ability to make unbiased placings.

I spent a large part of my youth clipping and preparing heifers and cows for shows all around the world - that is where I developed the knowledge of the true-type cow and what I appreciated in a dairy cow!

I have spent a lot of time driving alone over the years and that is when I would practice giving reasons. I would visualise a class in my head and orally justify the placings. I have also videotaped myself giving reasons when I first started judging and this was invaluable in allowing me to improve on certain aspects of my reasons.

Making unbiased placings is sometimes difficult when it involves famous cows, famous people or good friends, however you have to block all of that out. You need to place the animals based on your knowledge of the true-type dairy cow and how they look at that instant when you are judging them!"