Brian Crasdale

of Crasdale Holsteins (Prince Edward Island, Canada)

Brian and his wife Amber operate Crasdale Holsteins as well as running Craswell Auctions, where Brian recently conducted, among others, the 2010 Morsan Mountain High Sale.

When it comes to judging, Brian has officiated at many shows, including here in Australia. This year Brian and his associate judge Tyler Doiron will place Holsteins at the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

Brian says "I have always told people around me that there is no secret and it isn't rocket science. We have a true type model cow and the closet animals to that should be winning our shows. It is not about extremes but about balance as defined by the harmonious blending of parts. In my opinion the only extremes we need are that the animal is extremely good. It is about balance and correctness. Our winning cows should be the kind any dairyman would like to own".