Simon Lalande

of Ferme Blondin (St Placide, Quebec, Canada)

Simon and partner Kim Cote run Ferme Blondin - a herd of high profile show and index cows. They are known for cows such as Blondin Skychief Supra, Blondin Lyster Beauty and more recently Blondin Redman Siesme, who was this year's Supreme Champion at the Royal Winter Fair!

Simon says "To develop a young cow to her full potential, you first need a good genetic potential from both the maternal and paternal side. You also need to keep special attention to feeding, depending on your goals (high production or show).

To produce a lot of milk, a total mixed ration (TMR) can be really good. Although, if you want to bring cows to local or state shows, you are better off to serve them a ration based on dry hay and grains with food quantity specific to each cow, depending on their body condition.

The environment of the cow is also really important; a generous quantity of bedding, excercise and good ventilation in the barn are essential. Finally clipping the cows and careful attention to hoof health, with regular trimming if required are both an important part of your future success. With a lot of work and passion the cows and you should be set!"