Web Registration

Web Registrations (Not for ILROnline use)

The following guide will assist you in registering your animals. You may want to print this page and keep it beside you while using the online registrations. Note: families of animals and progeny of overseas dams cannot be registered online. Contact Holstein Australia to register these animals.

Before you start

Dam information: The dam must be owned by the member registering the animal at the time of the registration. If this is not the case you may not perform an online registration. You must know the dam’s Herdbook number before proceeding. If you wish to find an animal’s Herdbook number, click here. Note that you can have multiple web browser windows open while you are registering, so you can search for animals while you register.

Sire information: You must know the correct Sire NASIS Bull ID or correct Herdbook number before proceeding. This information can be found on the Bull Search section of the ADHIS website. There may be the odd occasion where the bull’s NASIS Bull ID hasn’t been updated on the Holstein Australia website. In this situation, the Herdbook number must be used.

How to Register Online

Log in with using your Member ID and Password. If you don’t already have a password, please contact Holstein Australia for a password on (03) 9835 7600 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Please supply your member number.

Click here to log in.

Click on the “Online Registrations” button (top right). This will bring up a list of previous registration batches (or none if it’s your first time).

Click on “Create a New Batch”. This brings up a “Comments” field. The comments can be used to pass on any messages to the registration staff, you can also use this to enter what registrations you are entering in the batch, e.g. 1245–1285, or you can leave this blank as you probably won’t need to add any comments here yet.

Click on “Calf Registrations” then click on “Create”. This brings up a list of animals to be registered in the current batch.

Click on the “Add” button. This is where the animal details are entered. To see an example screen of an animal already entered click here.

Important notes

If entering a Dam that is an Appendix animal, please change the “Aus-Herdbook” field to “Aus-Appendix”. Also, only enter the Appendix Herdbook number (do not enter App1, App2, etc.)

If the Dam is not registered, please change the “Aus-Herdbook” to “Unregistered” and add any Unregistered Dam details if you wish.

When entering the Sire details, please enter either a NASIS ID or the Herdbook number (not both).

Do not put any spaces when entering dam or sire details.

Registration status

Once you have entered the details, click on the “Go” button near the bottom of the page. A check of your animal registration details will then occur. The batch summary page will re-appear listing the registration status of each animal.

Validated: The animal’s details have been entered correctly. You may add another animal by clicking on the “Add” button.

Warning (Green): This indicates possible errors with entered details. Click on “Edit” to view details entered and check details before continuing. An animal can still be submitted for registration with a warning.

Fatal Error (Red): This indicates errors in the animal’s details that must be corrected for registration to proceed. Click on “Edit” to view details entered and correct as necessary. If you are unable to remove an error, even after amending information, delete the record entirely before completing the batch and contact Holstein Australia to arrange manual registration.

If you want to check or edit the information contained in any record, simply click on “Edit” on the left side of the screen to bring up the individual animal details. When you are satisfied that the information you have entered is correct, you can then submit the batch to Holstein Australia. Click on “Batch Submission Screen”, then click on “Submit this Batch to Holstein Australia”.

Congratulations! Your registrations have now been successfully sent to Holstein Australia. You may now leave the Holstein Australia website or close your web browser, even if the Status of the batch appears with “Sending”.

What Happens Next?

Once your batch is received by Holstein Australia, our registration team will carefully check all the information. If everything is in order, Registration Certificates will be printed and sent by mail to you, along with an invoice. Staff from Holstein Australia may need to contact you if there are any inconsistencies or discrepancies in the entered data. In order to avoid delays please ensure that all the information you enter is accurate and complete and follows the guidelines outlined in this document.