Extended Pedigree

Extended pedigrees compliment registration certificates by providing more detailed information about an animals’ and its family’s classification and production history. It is a great tool when evaluating how an animal will best fit into a herd’s mating program or when considering buying a particular lineage and its impact on an established level of production.

Details of an individual’s within pedigree information include:

  • Animal identification
  • Classification scores
  • Holstein Australia awards
  • Australian Index Values (ABVs, ASI, APR, Reliability%)
  • Dam lactation and production
  • For males: EX and GP or better daughters
  • For females: Daughter classification categories displayed

For a detailed description of the information of an extended pedigree please refer to the ‘Details of individual animals within pedigree’ on the reverse side of the certitficate.

To obtain an Extended Pedigree certificate you can call the office to arrange a copy to be forwarded or you can download a copy from the database, charges apply.