Appendix System

How to upgrade your herd

The Holstein Australia Appendix Register provides a simple and cost-effective method of upgrading commercial cows to purebred status. To qualify for registration on the Appendix Register, animals must meet minimum type and identification requirements. Progeny then advance through five generations of controlled breeding to registered Holstein sires before being entered in the Australian Herdbook. The Appendix Register contains more than 400,000 animals in herds just like yours.

Upgrading your herd via the Appendix Register can significantly increase the marketability of surplus cows and heifers and add long-term value to your herd when combined with other Holstein Australia services. In the meantime, you’ll benefit from breeding higher producing, trouble-free and long-lasting cows that are a pleasure to milk. And, just as importantly, you’ll enjoy the company and fellowship of breeding enthusiasts throughout Australia and the world.

How to register your herd

Holstein Australia has made the process for new members to register their herd even easier:

  • Become a Holstein Australia member.
  • Holstein Australia requests information from your herd test centre.
  • Holstein Australia provides reports showing pedigrees and appendix status for each animal.
  • Complete any missing information and select animals for registration.
  • Holstein Australia provides registration estimates to you.
  • Animals are registered and certificates are sent to you.