How to classify your cows

For classification fees (see Classification fees), click here.


Classification is easy

  • Contact Holstein Australia’s regional representative to arrange a property visit.
  • Present all cows requiring classification, including Appendix Register animals. Lactating animals can be evaluated either empty or with full mammary.
  • Provide a Registration Certificate or other approved identification, herd recording number, latest calving date and lactation number for each female to the classifier.
  • Holstein Australia will provide you with a herd summary, listing all your classified animals and comparing your herd’s averages to national breed averages After two or more classifications, you will receive a trend sheet showing how your traits and scores are moving.
  • Classification results for first lactation VG cows, and Excellent cows are published on the website. Cows achieving an Excellent classification are recognised with an official classification certificate.

Additional requirements

  • Members participating in the Holstein Australia Classification Scheme must present all first lactation heifers – including Appendix Register animals – for classification. Members may elect to deregister an animal following classification, in which case Registration Certificate should be surrendered to the Classifier and no classification fee will be charged.
  • Members considering submitting previously-classified cows for re-classification are requested to screen their candidates carefully. The Registration Certificate and previous Classification Report must be available for each animal presented for reclassification.