Holstein True Type Cow

The perfect balance

The Holstein 'True Type' cow represents the perfect balance of all the conformation traits needed for high production, fertility, management ease and longevity:




Dairy Strength

  • A wide muzzle and open nostrils for high food intake and ability to chew cud
  • Good spring of rib for capacity
  • A strong front end to walk long distances


  • Wide rear pins for calving ease
  • A good slope to the rump to ensure easy walking and calving ease
  • Strong loin to hold up the udder, organs and developing foetus



Feet & Legs

  • Clean, flat bones to produce calcium
  • Good feet and legs and a well-balanced walk
  • Rear legs that move comfortably past the udder

Mammary System

  • A balanced and symmetrical udder
  • A strong ligament to maintain udder shape
  • A snugly-attached udder to produce milk for many years
  • Correct teat placement and length
  • High and wide rear udder attachment for plenty of capacity
  • Firm and smooth fore udder attachment