Your key to high production, trouble-free, long-lasting cows

The Holstein Australia Classification Program helps you to breed high production, trouble-free and long-lasting cows. Classification provides an objective and impartial assessment of the conformation of your cows. It compares each animal to the Holstein 'True Type' cow, the internationally-recognised yardstick of structural correctness.

Holstein Australia has provided professional classification services to the Australian dairy industry for almost 50 years. This service has played a significant role in the improvement of the Australian Holstein breed and the development of export markets for Australian genetics.

How classification can help you breed a better business

  • Receive a written and verbal assessment of the conformation of your cows
  • Review the progress of your breeding program
  • Define your breeding objectives
  • Make better informed breeding decisions
  • Accelerate your genetic improvement program
  • Get the most from your investment in genetics
  • Improve the value of surplus cows and heifers
  • Add significant long-term value to your herd
  • Identify genetically superior individuals and families
  • Benchmark your animals with herd and breed averages