ET & IVF Procedures for Registration


Embryo Transfer – 4 Easy Steps

1. Pre-Flush Preparation

2. Flush the Cow

3. Parentage Verification of the Calves

4. Register the Calves

What to do if you use two sires during one flush.

In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) procedures

IMPORTED EMBRYOs, a separate procedure for these.

Buying and Selling Embryo’s, what to do (Using the “DBC” form)

How to get your animal DNA tested and Parentage verified

Protocol for collection of Hair Samples for DNA Analysis

Price structure for DNA Testing


Embryo Transfer and IVF Procedures for Farmers

Holstein Australia (HA) provides a service for farmers allowing registration of calves born from an Embryo Transfer or In-Vitro Fertilisation program. Embryo Transfer programs have become popular since the first ET animal was registered in the 1970s.

In order to accurately record the calf details, a set of procedures is provided by HA. By following these procedures, a farmer can take comfort in knowing there would be minimal errors when carrying out these programs.

HA requires ALL calves born from these programs to be parentage verified through DNA testing.

Holstein Australia has recently simplified the steps required to register an ET calf, as well as reduced the cost to members.