Package Membership

Have you considered Package membership?

Take advantage of the benefits available with the set fee Package membership option that covers most member services you use during the year. Your registered cow inventory forms the basis for the fee, using a discount for volume scale so the more cows you have the lower the per cow fee.

Most of the services provided by the Association are included in the set fee option and once you join there are no more Package charges to pay. Also the Package fee is payable in 12 equal monthly instalments for easier budgeting and simple billing.

The table below highlights what’s included in the Package membership.

What The Package includes:What the Package doesn't include:
The Holstein Journal
Set fee paid in 12 equal monthly instalments
Registration: Animals born during the time you are on the package Registration: Animals born prior to joining the package; late registration fees
Classification: First calf, first classifications. No herd visit fees when you classify 10 or more Classification: Animals in 2nd or subsequent lactations. Heifers classified a 2nd time in their 1st lactation
Free web access for pedigree & progeny data ET fees
Award search, including STP Individual award certificates
Reduced flat rate transfer fee of $11.00 Late transfer fees


What does the Package cost?

The annual fee is based on the number of active registered animals in your herd at the end of the financial year and is calculated according to the registered herd size scale. See table below.

Registered Herd Size$ per Animal per Year
1 - 79 $ 8.80
80 - 119 $ 7.70
120 - 159 $ 7.15
160 - 199 $ 6.88
200 - 239 $ 6.60
240 - 319 $ 6.33
320 - 399 $ 6.05
400+ $ 5.50

If you would like to learn more about the Package membership please call Holstein Australia on 03 9835 7600