If you like breeding dairy cows, then it’s time to take your passion to another level.

Holstein Australia has all the tools you need to accelerate genetic improvement in your herd and get the most from your investment in genetics.

You’ll benefit from breeding high production, trouble-free and long-lasting cows that are a pleasure to milk.

In the longer term, you’ll significantly increase the marketability of your surplus cows and heifers – and the value of your herd.

Along the way, you’ll enjoy the company and fellowship of like-minded producers throughout Australia and right around the world!

This is your invitation to join us and start breeding a better business today. 

Tools for Success

The benchmark of quality

Registration is the first step to breeding a better business. Listing your cows in the Holstein Australia Herdbook and Appendix acknowledges their compliance with the Holstein Breed Standard and establishes their pedigree. Registration is the international benchmark for quality and there’s always a market for quality dairy animals.

Breeding your type of cow

Classification provides a completely objective assessment of the structural correctness of your cows. This process compares each animal to the Holstein ‘True Type’, the internationally-recognised yardstick of structural correctness for Holstein cows. Our professional classifiers assess more than 50,000 animals throughout Australia every year.

Professional breeding advice

mateplus™ is an independent mating program that is suitable for all dairy herds and all dairy breeds. It carefully matches your chosen sires to each cow based on your herd records, conformation data, Australian genetic evaluation data and your budget. Holstein Australia advisors can help you to formulate your breeding objectives, assess your cows (via traitplus™) and select a sire team using ADHIS’.Select a bull if desired.

Improving conformation in grade cows

traitplus is a conformation evaluation service that adds objectivity to your breeding program. Professional Holstein Australia classifiers provide an expert and impartial assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your cows and then identify up to four areas for improvement. The assessment is done during milking or as cows enter or leave the dairy.