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For those who haven’t yet read David Johnston’s article in the latest issue of the Holstein Journal, we’ve reproduced it here. It is long, but well worth a read. David, with support from Graeme Gillan, wrote the article to respond to the most commonly asked questions that he and the Association have received over the last few months concerning the proposed Governance changes.

Governance a hot topic at State Branch AGMs

Having attended all the State Branch AGM meetings over the last few weeks I had the opportunity to meet a wide cross section of members and discuss the proposed Governance changes.

The majority of these conversations, understandably, focused on how the proposed structure would impact at local level and how the Association would function at Sub Branch level. The key points with regard to Sub Branches are:

  • There are no plans to change the roles of Sub Branches
  • Sub Branches will have increased resources available through their new Regional Co-ordinator, as well as a more direct link to the management of the Association
  • Sub Branches will still have the flexibility to appoint office bearers, manage their budget and conduct breed promotion and social activities.

Our active members will know that the Sub Branches are the Association’s community representation, and at the heart of what we do and who we are. This will continue long into the future, and is a vitally important part of our organisation to preserve and build on.

One of the most heartening things from the State AGMs was the obvious passion of the members and their desire to contribute to our development and growth now and into the future. There was also agreement across the board that the streamlining of the Association would have a positive impact on member participation.

The other common factor at the meetings was the acknowledgement that there needs to be further work on promotion of the breed. This is one of the key reasons behind the proposed Governance changes. Reduced layers of administration and bureaucracy will enable us to build on the good breed promotion work of the Association to date, to the benefit of all members and the wider industry.

If you missed the opportunity to talk with me at the State AGMs and have a specific Governance question please email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or you can call me on 03 9835 7600.

Graeme Gillan

Chief Executive Officer

What does the restructure mean for you?

Having trouble figuring out what the proposed Governance restructure will mean to you and the way you interact with your Association? 

In a short video Holstein Australia Federal President, David Johnston and CEO, Graeme Gillan, explain what the changes will mean in everyday simple terms, and why it is important for every member to have their say.


Proposed Governance Restructure

What began back in 2013 at the National Delegates meeting in Busselton, WA will culminate at the 2016 AGM in Albury, NSW in September when members will be asked to vote on a Special Resolution to change the way the Association is governed.

The Board believes it is fundamentally important that every member has the opportunity to review and comment on what’s proposed and cast their vote on what will change the way the Association is structured and operates.

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