Shows and Sales Ethics

The Breed Development and Conformation Committee (BDCC) strives to maintain the integrity of the Holstein breed in Australia and in doing so regularly reviews the way the Association implements its rules and by-laws.

The Associations by-laws aim to encourage good animal husbandry and showmanship at shows and sales of registered Holsteins. Members who exhibit or sell registered Holsteins, their fitters, agents, or other representatives should abide by these by-laws and ensure the reputation and image of the breed remain positive to spectators and auction participants.


The following are unacceptable practises or procedures for showing of registered animals:

  • Misrepresentation: age, ownership, lactation information
  • Treatment of the udder internally or externally producing unnatural animation
  • Inserting foreign material/unprescribed substances under the skin, in teats or udder
  • Performing surgery to alter the animals natural shape, contour or appearance
  • Critising or detrimentally interfering with judges/show management/other exhibitors