New South Wales
Senior Judges Panel Mr C Allen, Mr W Brown, Mr G Chesworth, Mr S Chesworth, Mr J Chesworth, Mr D Clarke, Mr C Cochrane, Mr C Cowan, Mr P Cullen, Mr E Downes, Mr J Drury, Mr A Garratty, Mr B Gavenlock, Mr A Green, Mrs J Grey, Mr D Mayo, Mr B McGinn, Mr R McIntosh, Mr B Mitchell, Mr B Moxey, Mr L Moxey, Mr D Ninness, Mr T Pearce, Mr D Polson, Mr M Polson, Ms S Polson, Mr CR Shearer, Mr N Snowden, Mr M Sowter, Mr T Tout, Mr J Walsh, Mr C Watts, Mr B Wilson, Mr G Yarnold, Mr I Zandstra, 
Supplementary Senior Panel Mr B Beaumont, Mr J Beveridge, Mr C Bowley, Mr P Bruem, Mr B Burgess, Mr A Cochrane, Mr F Darley, Mr N Hawke, Mr K Hayes, Mr L Lamond, Mr B McIntosh, Mr M McPhee, Mr D Polson, Mr E Sedgwick, Mr T Want, Mr K Wells,
Provisional Judges Mr K Atkins, Ms H Boyd, Mr D Crawford, Mrs C Katch, Mr B Hayter, Mr J Hayes, Mr C Rose, Mr M Shipton

The NSW State Committee has established a Supplementary Senior Judges Panel. This panel is to cater for those qualified judges whose experience as judges is invaluable to the Association, but who do not wish to officiate as a judge on a regular basis. Judges on this panel would still be regarded as accredited judges and could accept judging invitations. However, their main role would be to advise and assess aspiring Holstein judges. Judges on existing Senior Panel may elect to transfer to this panel, or the Committee may recommend such transfers.