Judges List

A national approach to judges’ panel lists and judging schools.

In 2016 The Breed Development and Conformation Committee (BDCC) agreed to revamp the way the Association manages judges panel lists, conducts judging schools and retains the judging skills of those already on their respective states judges’ panel.

This new approach sees a rationalisation of judges lists Australia wide, the introduction of a standard set of national guidelines for judging schools and incentives for judges to maintain their judging skills and status.

The Australian Judging Panel.

From July 1 2016 all existing judging lists were incorporated into a single national judging panel known as the Australian Judging Panel. Senior, provisional, supplementary, active and non-active lists will no longer be used. There will be one panel list split into states (made up by the 9 regions under the new Governance structure) with all judges being of equal status.

Each panel judge in each state regardless of status was eligible to be included on the national panel and were encouraged to nominate. Those judges who nominated formed the Australian National Judges panel.

Please click here for the national judges’ panel list.