Master Breeder

Australian Master Breeders Awards

The Holstein Australian Master Breeder Award recognises the long-term achievement of individuals who have bred at least 300 registered animals over a minimum of 20 years. The total number of points must exceed the total number of females bred within the 20-year period.


  • Continuous membership of Holstein Australia for a minimum of 20 years.
  • Minimum registration of 10 females in each year.
  • Minimum registration of 300 females over 20 years.

Master Breeder awards will be awarded to the prefix/herd and not individuals of the prefix. This will be subject to the following provision: That a change in the ownership of the prefix is due to family succession and not due to an entirely new entity taking over the prefix. Holstein Australia will give one plaque and one badge for obtaining Master Breeder status, which will be issued in the name of the prefix and not the name of the individuals qualifying.

Click here for a list of Holstein Australia Master Breeders

Further information

An award search must be completed to determine eligibility for this award. A Master Breeder Pack, which includes a list of all animals bred by the member, all awards and a schedule of points earned can be requested from Holstein Australia.

Master Breeders points schedule

Please click on the links below for the Master Breeders points schedule: