Star Brood Cow Standards

Recognises genetically superior brood cows based on the conformation and production performance of their progeny.

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To qualify for Star Brood Cow award, a female MUST:

  • Be listed in the Holstein Australia Herdbook or Appendix (including Supplementary Section) but does not have to be classified
  • Have produced at least three progeny classified Good Plus or better


ONE STAR is awarded for every SIX POINTS gained, with the points allocated as follows:


T1 Each daughter classified GOOD PLUS 1 point (total)
T3 Each daughter classified VERY GOOD 85, 86 OR 87 2 point (total)
T4 Each daughter classified VERY GOOD 88 OR 89 3 point (total)
T5 Each daughter classified EXCELLENT 4 point (total)

P1 Production (Single Lactation)

ONE POINT for each daughter recording a single 305-day lactation of minimum:

Age Protein (kg) and one of Milk (L) Fat (kg)
J2 189 5800 220
S2 202 6200 236
J3 215 6600 251
S3 228 7000 266
J4 241 7400 281
S4 254 7800 296
M 260 8000 304

P2 Production (lifetime)

Each daughter with lifetime production in excess of:

55,000 litres Milk OR 2090 kg Fat OR 1788 kg Protein 1 point
66,000 litres Milk OR 2508 kg Fat OR 2145 kg Protein 2 points
77,000 litres Milk OR 2926 kg Fat OR 2503kg Protein 3 points

P3 Production (ABV)

Each son with an Australian Breeding Value above breed average:

+275L Milk, +20 kg F+P (min +10 kg Protein), 63% Rel 1 point
+500L Milk, +45 kg F+P (min +20 kg Protein), 63% Rel 2 points
+750L Milk, +70 kg F+P (min +30 kg Protein), 63% Rel 3 points

(2006 Breed Average ABV = +20 L Milk, -2.8 kg F, -0.5 kg P)

Total Production

TP1 Each son qualifying for the Superior Sire Award 2 points
TP2 Each daughter qualifying for Star Brood Cow Award 1 point
TP3 Each daughter qualifying for STP Award 1 point
TP4 For every 3 EXCELLENT daughters a son produces 2 points
For every 25 VERY GOOD daughters a son produces 2 points