Top 10 Lists

From time to time the association is asked "where does my heifer rank on Fertility?" or "who is the highest ranked female for SCC?"

To help members with that we have analysed the full list of genomic cows and produced top 10 list for Survival, Feed Saved, SCC, Fertility and Overall type. In order to be included in the list animals had to be.

  1.  Genomically tested
  2.  Above 114 (1.25 Standard deviations above average) for BPI
  3.  Ranked in the top 10 cows for the given trait.
  4.  Where there was cows on the same ABV in 10th place they were all included making some lists longer than 10.

Congratulations to all the breeders and members with cows included.

CLICK HERE to view lists