Genomic Test Price Drop!

Genomics photo 4.9.15HA in conjunction with Zoetis is now in a position to offer significant savings on genomic testing pricing. By utilising the genotyping services made available by Zoetis HA can now offer genomics for

Females @ $50 Ex GST (Currently $65 Ex GST)
Males @ $110 Ex GST (Currently $120 Ex GST)

This is only available for animals submitted 10 days prior to the currently listed genomic cut- off date.

These cut off dates are listed on the HA website Genomics page under the “Early Bird Cut Off”.

If animals miss this cut off they can consider either entering animals for the next genomic run at the current listed price, or the samples can be submitted for the next early bird cut off in full knowledge that the early bird price is locked in but the animals are not going to be available for the upcoming genomic run.

While reporting of your genomic results will continue to come from Holstein Australia, HA members that have submitted more than 5 animals will receive their results in a sortable spreadsheet and PDF document list.

Revised genomic cut-off dates and pricing are now available at http://www.holstein.com.au/index.php/services/genetics/genomic-testing.

Cutoff date for the first run is Thursday 10 September.

We realise this cut off is quickly approaching but we feel the offer is too good to keep under wraps for the November run!

If you have any questions about this offering or any of HA’s services feel to contact me at any stage. If you would like to take up this offer let us know and we will send out some Zoetis sample packs.