Australia’s new breeding indices

Australia's new breeding indices are explained in a two minute animation released by ADHIS.

National Breeding Objective - Final Short Report

For the first time, Australian dairy farmers have had a direct say on the next generation dairy herd as part of a review of the National Breeding Objective. 

The review has concluded with three new breeding indices to be introduced from April 2015.

    • The APR will be replaced by the Balanced Performance Index (BPI). This is an economic index that achieves overall profit and is in line with farmer preferences.
    • In recognising different breeding philosophies, two additional indices will be introduced; the Health Weighted Index (HWI) and Type Weighted Index (TWI)

Download your copy of the National Breeding Objective Review Final Short Report so that you can follow the journey of the review and find out more about Australia's new breeding indices.

National Breeding Objective - Short Report