National Delegates Meeting – Toowoomba October 8 2014

The National Delegate met in Toowoomba on Wednesday October 8 for their annual meeting and the following was determined:

Election of the National Advisory Council

Queensland state member: Mr Chris Kelly

South Australia state member: Mr Gino Pacitti

Victoria state member: Mr Chris Calder – to serve the remainder of the term of retiring state member Mr Adrian Dee

Non State member: Mr Patrick Glass, VIC

The National Advisory Council for 2014/15

Mr Chris Calder VIC , Mr Garry Carpenter, TAS, Mr Ron Chittick NSW, Mr Patrick Glass VIC, Mrs Jenny Grey NSW, Mr David Johnston VIC, Mr Geoff Jenkins WA, Mr Chris Kelly QLD, Mr Gino Pacitti SA,

Mr Ross Suares VIC.

Election of the National Board

Mr Ron Chittick, NSW was re-elected.

Mr Patrick Glass, VIC was re-elected.

Mr Garry Carpenter, TAS was elected to replace the retiring Mr Adrian Dee.

National Board for 2014/15

Mrs Jenny Grey NSW, Mr Garry Carpenter TAS, Mr Ron Chittick NSW, Mr Patrick Glass VIC, Mr David Johnston VIC, Board appointed/Non-member: Dr Matthew Shaffer

Election of Officers for 2014/15

President: Mr David Johnston

Vice President: Mr Patrick Glass

Treasurer: Mr Garry Carpenter

Election of the Breed Development and Conformation Committee

Mr Marcus Young, TAS was re-elected.

The Breed Development and Conformation Committee for 2014/15

Chair: Mrs Jenny Grey, NSW, Mrs Lynette Greenwood, VIC, Mr Geoff Horrocks, VIC, Mr Trevor Parrish, NSW, Mr Ross Somerville, VIC, Mr Marcus Young, TAS

Election of the All Australian Selection Committee

Mr Stephen Chesworth, NSW was elected for a 3 year term

Ms Donna Edge, VIC was elected for a 1 year term

The All Australian Selection Committee for 2014/15

Mr Stephen Chesworth, Ms Donna Edge, Mr Lindsay Moxey, NSW