Bluechip Sale Smashes Record!

The Bluechip Invitational sale held, 30th April 2012, got off to a fabulous start with Lot 1 - Eclipse Snowman Cinderalla-ET on account of Eclipse Holsteins, selling for $19,000. 

The sale only got hotter from here to reach the phenomenal sale top of $101,000 by Lot 4.  This special lot was an opportunity to take the pick of two Bluechip calves, developed from embryos out of the 2011 World Dairy Expo - Red & White Holstein Grand Champion, KHW Regiment Apple-RED EX95-2E, who sold for a cool US$1 Million. The embryos were combined with Scientific Destry to create the most talked about calves of the year! 
The pick of the bunch turned out to be Lot 4b, the slightly older calf by 2 days at 3 months, Bluechip Apple Spice-RED (IMP-ET USA).

Applereduced Bluechip Apple_Heifers_reduced
Million Dollar Cow - KHW Regiment Apple-RED EX95-2E             Full Sisters Bluechip Apple Spice-RED (IMP-ET USA) & 
                                                                                                                                         Bluechip Toffee Apple-RED (IMP-ET USA)

                                                       Note: Both photos were obtained off the Bluechip Holsteins facebook page. 
                                                                              Also click on photos to view fullsize.

While the other 75 lots to follow couldn’t command a similar price to the Destry x Apple combination, there were 12 lots that managed to reach into the double figures with Lot 31 – Eclipse Shottle Paradise-ET on account of Eclipse Holsteins, taking the highest with $30,000.

The sale gross was $602,600 and averaged $8487

Congratulations are in order to Bluechip Holsteins for organising such a successful sale and for the most amazing sale record seen here in Australia or New Zealand.

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