New Genetic Defect: Brachyspina

Dairy genetics researchers have recently completed work to identify a genetic defect commonly known as Brachyspina. As of September 2011 Holstein Australia has officially recognised this defect. Pedigrees and registration certificates will now acknowledge carriers and potential carriers via the Genealert program.

Brachyspina works in the same as other known defects, for example CVM. The single gene can be inherited from either the sire or the dam. Animals inheriting the gene from only one parent are carriers. Joinings where a copy of the gene is inherited from both the sire and the dam result in embryonic death, still birth and other abnormalities.

Animals whose parents are known carriers will now be marked “Suspect Brach”, animals that have been tested will have their pedigree marked BY for tested positive and TY for tested negative.

Holstein Australia can facilitate the testing of animals.

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Rohan Butler

Genetic Improvement and Research Manager

Holstein Australia

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