Two Physical Identifiers

Commencing from September 1st Holstein Australia has introduced a requirement for two (2) physical identifiers are to be recorded with the details of every registered animal. Identification can be a combination of an ear tag, NLIS device or freeze brand. At  least one of these ID’s must be readable from a distance of there (3) metres. Photos will still be acceptable but will not replace one of the physical ID’s.

This change will bring Holstein Australia more in line with global best practise and ensure the integrity of our database into the future. In the future every animal that is transferred will have two (2) ID’s listed in the system ending the difficulties of incomplete/invalid transfers.

More about physical identifiers.

  • If registrations are received without two physical identifiers these cannot be processed and the member will be asked to supply an additional physical identifier.
  • If one of the physical identifiers is an NLIS ear tag and that tag is replaced please advise the office so that the system can be updated.
  • Photos remain optional but does not replace one of the physical identifiers.
  • Types of Physical Identifiers
    • Ear tags – plastic or brass and can be in  both right or left ear with the same number
    • NLIS – either the internal or external number
    • Freeze brand