Windy Vale Contender Rose goes 95XE

Hot on the heels of Fairvale Morty Lady 51 comes Windy Vale Contender Rose-ET, classified EX95-2E following a revisit by Holstein Australia classifiers last month.

Congratulations to the owners, Elm Banks Holsteins (the Gleeson family) in partnership with Declan Patten (Lightning Ridge) and Richard Hull (Eclipse). She was purchased at Bluechip's 'Big Bang' sale in October 2016 and bred by Windy Vale Holsteins, SA.

Classifier, Yolanda Low, says: "She is absolutely beautiful! Stands comfortably at all times, the mammary is just welded on and she is probably the most open and angular cow I've ever seen."

Pictured with Windy Vale Contender Rose-ET are Chris and Mary Gleeson, with daughters (l-r) Hannah, Stacey, Olivia and Chloe.

elm banks     elm banks_family