The Holstein breed in Australia

The Holstein breed originated in the Rhine Delta region of north-western Europe and developed into the distinctive black and white dairy breed in the North Holland and West Friesian regions of the Netherlands.

In 1886, one bull and six female animals arrived at Epping north of Melbourne from the Netherlands via New Zealand. In 1892, the foundation herd expanded to other parts of Victoria and the south coast of NSW. More imports of animals from Holland followed.

Today, Holstein cattle make up about 70 per cent of Australia’s 1.6 million dairy cows. The breed is renowned for its adaptability to a wide range of environmental conditions and Holsteins are found throughout Australia.

Industry data shows milk recorded Holstein cattle produce an average of 7,087 litres of milk, 278 kg fat (3.93%) and 232 kg (3.27%) protein. The overwhelming majority of Holstein cows have been artificially bred using genetics sourced from throughout the world.


1914 Sydney Show Champion

Elmar Ice Jessica IDW 15 Grand Holstein Cow
2015 International Dairy Week Champion