Strategic Directions Committee

The Governance changes approved at the 2016 AGM amending the Rules of the Association to replace the National Advisory Council and National Delegates Meeting with the Strategic Directions Committee (SDC).


The Strategic Directions Committee can have up to 18 members however the Board decided the inaugural SDC will consist of 15 persons (excluding the Chair) comprising:

  • Two (2) Board members as nominated and approved by the Board
  • One (1) Regional Representative from each of the Regions within Australia
  • Three (3) members as elected from the members by the members who are eligible to vote
  • One (1) Youth Member as nominated and approved by the Board

 Objective & Role

  • The Strategic Directions Committee provides advice and recommendations to the Board on strategy and policy development that helps the Board in decisions on the strategic direction of the Association.
  • To act as a forum for reflecting the views of the members at large
  • Participate in the Board’s strategic planning process
  • Broadly comment on and offer feedback on initiatives of the Board
  • Suggest to the Board , matters that can be placed on the SDC agenda from time to time
  • Consider and respond to any matter referred directly to it by the Board
  • Consider and recommend to the Board nominations submitted for Life Membership, Distinguished Service Awards and All Australian Judges Panel
  • Deliver key messages to the respective regions regarding the SDC’s role and activities


  • Each Regional Representative will be expected to operate in a manner to best represent their Region and the ongoing development of Holstein Australia.
  • Each Non Regional (member elected) Representative should operate in an independent manner with a view towards the overall benefit of Holstein Australia 
  • All Representatives will be expected to communicate with members with ‘one voice’ on SDC decisions and actions

SDC members 2018

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